Why You Should Take Immunocal Platinum

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The proper acid-base balance is achieved through an adequate balance of food types.  Ideally, our diet should include 75%-85% alkali-producing foods and 15%-25% acid-producing foods.  Alkali-producing foods include grains, most fruits and vegetables.  Protein rich food such as meat, fish, dairy and egg whites are the most important acid-producing foods. 

There is now an increasing awareness that most people in North America are slightly but demonstrably acidic because the typical “Western Diet” is overabundant in acid-producing foods.  An easily demonstrable manifestation is the acidic urine.  Although the body has built-in regulators called “buffers” for regulating the internal acid-base balance, getting rid of excess acid comes at a price.  The capacity to eliminate the acid through the kidneys is rather limited; and acid excretion is a burden to the kidneys.  The ability of our blood to buffer the acid using its bicarbonate content is also extremely limited and compromises our ability to transport carbon dioxide which we exhale.  Eventually, most of the burden of buffering excess acid rests upon our bones at the expense of our bone minerals.  The best investigated and eventually most harmful consequence of the acidification of our body is indeed the loss of bone mineral density which can ultimately lead to the devastating disease of osteoporosis.  While this is only one conspicuous and well investigated example, the loss of optimal acid-based balance eventually compromises important functions in all cells and tissues in the body.

Immunocal Platinum was scientifically developed on the basis to ameliorate the acidification of the body.  It offers the same health benefits for the maintenance of a strong immune system that is provided by the original Immunocal.  But is contains in addition a combination of citric acid salts which helps to neutralize excess acid in our body. These citric acid salts contain a strong alkali such as potassium in combination with a weak acid, i.e. citric acid, which is metabolized into carbon dioxide and eventually exhaled.  Through this process, these citric acid salts are an excellent means to neutralize excess metabolic acid in the body.  Immunocal Platinum thereby ameliorates the age-related functional decline. 

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